Live a Great Life Anyway …

Finding the message in the mess …

on July 16, 2015

When I saw this quote … I noticed my head nodding in solemn but silent recognition that we have a choice about how we will respond when people hurt us.  We can remain victims of their recklessness disregard of our hearts … or … we can choose to look for the lesson in the exchange, decide to find the blessing in the challenge, or as the old adage goes – we can make lemonade from lemons.

It’s not always the easiest choice to make, but it IS the most empowering choice.  Some years ago I was targeted unfavorably by someone in my workplace.  I allowed it all to wreak havoc with my self-esteem for years.  I tolerated malicious gossip and inexcusable deeds to slowly poison my entire workplace.  I kept hoping that if I took the high road and ignored it, it would eventually stop.  It didn’t. My passive response appeared to be an invitation to ramp it up even more.

After one particularly painful assault on my soul … I realized that I could keep turning the other cheek OR I could stand up for myself. I realized I was being offered an opportunity to teach people how to treat me.

And, once I got the message that was tucked into that mess … I unwrapped a whole new cacophony of gifts that were just waiting for me.  Most surprisingly, there were so many blessings tucked into that challenge that I ended up identifying them in another blog post entitled Better Because You Were Not the Least Bit Nice.

As I look back on it now, I can truly say that I am grateful for what I learned … not for what I had to go through to learn it, but grateful for the lessons.  Truly.

Holding hope that you , too, will seek out the messages that might be hiding in any messes you are experiencing, Karen


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