Live a Great Life Anyway …

Taken for Granted …

on July 13, 2015

taken for granted T

There are so many moments, circumstances, events, situations, abilities, capacities, people and things that I mindlessly step over each day in pursuit of something else.  I recognize that I do myself a grave disservice when I fail to claim the magic inherent in those moments.  And … every time I pause … even briefly to let myself experience an iota of gratitude and appreciation, I can feel a shift in my whole system.

I am challenging myself to notice at least one thing each day that I have previously taken for granted.  And so, right now as I write this, I have become aware that I have taken my literacy for granted. In this moment, I am savoring the fact that I can read and write.  I am noticing how full my life is because of that ability.  And then of course I must also give thanks for my eyes.  And that brings me to the literary world … wouldn’t have much to be grateful for if there wasn’t a whole world of words to nourish my spirit and nurture my soul.

Yikes … it appears that one moment of being acutely aware of our blessings morphs itself into a vicious cycle of appreciation!! 🙂

May our days be filled with awareness of such sparks of delight, Karen


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