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The Wounded Healer …

on July 8, 2015


Wounded Healer

I spent decades being ashamed of my past … pleasing, perfecting, proving and performing in order hide my ‘shoddy’ roots. I could never have known, and would never have believed at the time, that the finding the wisdom in my wounds would be so beneficial in my work as a counsellor/therapist. 

It just never ceases to amaze me
how often I get to ‘use’ the pains of my past in my efforts to support someone with their own hurts. When, as Oprah says, we find a way to turn our wounds into wisdom, they lose their painful grip and become the finest catalysts from which we can build something beautiful.

With gratitude for those gifts in my challenges, Karen


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  1. I HEARTily agree with you ~ reminds me of a post I wrote: ~ so happy we’ve connected! ♥

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