Live a Great Life Anyway …

“If there was another way to see THIS, what would it be?”

Source Unknown but Deeply Appreciated

And so … the wisdom in these words has the power to change all of our tomorrows.  It has the power to shift our energy from one of being the victim of the stories we tell ourselves about our circumstances, to one of being the author of a more empowering narrative regarding the situation of our lives.

The reality of the situation is never cause for concern.  It is only our perceptions that make it bad or good. For example:

  • Perhaps it is raining.  Rain … in an of itself … is neither good nor bad.  It is simply rain.  However, if we are on a beach vacation, we may tell ourselves that the “rain is bad … my vacation is ruined”. But, if we are a farmer, we might tell ourselves “rain is good … it’s exactly what we need to survive!”
  • If we don’t get the job we are hoping for, we might tell ourselves “It’s hopeless, ‘ll never get the job I want” … or … we might re-frame that interpretation and say “I guess the Universe has a better job in mind for me.”
  • And even if someone we love dies … we may tell ourselves “It’s not fair. I can’t live without them.” Or perhaps we shift our story to remind ourselves that “Thank goodness they are no longer suffering” or maybe  “How lucky was I to have them in my life for as long as I did?” or maybe “They have not left me … I carry them in my heart always.”

And so … what story are you telling yourself about the circumstances in your life?  If your interpretation of events makes you smile … wonderful.  If your interpretation of the events makes your heart heavy, you might ask yourself:

“If there was another way to see this, what would it be?”

May all our stories have happy endings, Karen


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“When Life Gets Tough, What Spills Out” …?

Source Unknown but deeply appreciated!

Hmmmm … isn’t THAT a humbling question?  When life gets tough, what spills out of you?

And, although my ”spillage is much less toxic than it used to be … and … much less frequent that it used to be, there are still times when I am not proud of what is spilling out of me.  Gah.

Tavelling?  Nothing like an airport and public transportation to invite a spill or two.

Workplace issues?  Yep. Certainly cause for a spill or two.

Wounded people?  Yep.  Hurt people cause spillage of global proportions.

Social Injustice? For sure.  Lots of spilling.

Family Breakdown? Perhaps the spilly-est place on the planet.

Yes.  There are many invitations for us to spill.  And, when we do, let’s take notice of what comes out of us.  It can be such a great reminder of where in our inner worlds we still have some work to do.

May we all become more aware and conscious of whether our spillage is contributing our contaminating our surroundings, Karen

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Delicious Ambiguity … and … The Next Right Thing


And so it is … with this life we live.   We cannot guarantee our stories will always have nice, tidy, happy endings.

Perhaps, in the middle of the messiest muddle … our best bet is to simply do as Glennon Doyle recommends:

With the deepest respect for all of our stories …. Karen


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Remember this: You are the flames … not the ashes!

Hmmmm … how differently would we approach our days if we consciously remembered that we are the flames not the ashes!

Let’s all burn brightly, Karen

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Our beauty is not determined by the gravitational pull of the Universe …


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It’s all about finding just the right balance …


Balance.  Yes.  Finding the right balance is just so darn essential.  🙂

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A Bodacious Existence …


Who might we become if we dared to run wildly in the directions we most instinctively try to avoid?

Sensing this is something really important to ponder, Karen



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Something will grow from all you are going through … will it be you?

Source Unknown

Source Unknown


Maybe.  Maybe not.

There is no guarantee.

Growth is a choice.

It is up to each one of us to determine how we will respond to all the prickly and undesirable things life throws at us.

We can allow our adversities to shape us into stronger and wiser human beings.

We can allow our adversities to limit us  … to shape us into victims of life’s misfortunes.

And yet, even when we have been victimized … we don’t have to remain victims.

The choice is always ours.

Victim … or … Victor.

Something will grow from all you are going through … will it be you?

I’m sure hoping so … Karen


No Mud. No Lotus.

No mud No lotus

“The lotus is the most beautiful flower, whose petals open one by one. 

But it will only grow in mud.

In order to grow and gain wisdom, first you must have the mud ~ the obstacles of life and its suffering.

The mud speaks of the common ground that humans share, no matter what our stations in life.

Whether we have it all or we have nothing, we are all faced with the same obstacles: sadness, loss, illness, dying and death.

If we are to strive as human beings to gain more wisdom, more kindness and more compassion, we must have the intention to grow as a lotus and open each petal one by one.” 

(Goldie Hawn)


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Chin Up …


Source Unknown but deeply appreciated!

Each and every one of us is offered countless invitations over our lifetime to hang our heads in shame … to rake ourselves over the coals … to accept the ‘story’ that tells us we are not good enough, not love-able enough, not important enough, not smart enough, not skinny enough … blah, blah, blah.

But here is the thing … we don’t have to accept every invitation we get!  Just because we have a thought … doesn’t mean it is true. We do not have to accept the invitation to believe that thought.

Instead, we can simply look for the lesson in the moment, make any amends if/where necessary to clean up the mistake (including to ourselves!) … and then … chin up!  Falling and failing are essential parts of being human.   A ‘fall’ can’t define us … unless we  neglect to get back up.  Let’s not forget that things turn out the best for those who make the best of how things turn out.  Only always.

So … the next time you catch yourself accepting an invitation to let your head down, just take a quick peek at your shoes instead.

Upward and Onward …  Karen

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